Within the Christian world, each year during the days leading up to Easter, millions of believers observe the season of Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent continues through Good Friday. It is a time of reflection, repentance, and renewal in which those who observe it faithfully seek to draw closer to the Lord in their personal walk with Christ. Many people observe a season of fasting, laying aside some portion of their normal diet as an act of penance. While some consider fasting to be a mere inconvenience, others find it helps them focus on their walk in the Spirit. This is especially true when their diet is significantly altered - laying aside a complete meal each day, or laying aside the consumption of meat, or setting apart one or two days within each week to fast completely.
     Those who sincerely observe these days of reflection generally discover that they actually are drawn closer to Christ. For the past several years, we have chosen to join this vast company of believers to observe this time of renewal. I invite you to consider doing so as well. If you sincerely follow a personal discipline of a chosen fast, an in depth pursuit of reading Scripture, and a committed time of prayer for the forty-four days between March 1 and  April 14, I am confident you will also experience a fresh anointing and refreshing from the Holy Spirit.  

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