No book is complete until it has been published. This is a major step in the process, one which can be confusing and expensive. We want to provide our authors a range of good choices in deciding a future for his or her manuscript. To do this, we offer graphic cover design and formatting for publication in addition to our other services.

     Large publishing companies provide these services and usually require them to be done within those companies for books they publish. For the beginning author, this can be very expensive, with little guarantee of a market for a book. Companies like these also control the copyright and ownership of the work once it has been contracted to them. Our policy is for authors to have personal control of their copyright upon the completion of our work.

      Our process does not include marketing, but we provide quality cover design and formatting which can be provided to a press of choice for printing. Many on-demand press companies will print limited numbers of a book for reasonable costs, making the expense of publication much more attractive.

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