​     Writing is not particularly difficult. That is, putting words on paper or typing information into a computer is not difficult. Anyone who has basic language can do that. However, writing in a succinct, meaningful way is a bit more intimidating. As a result, people often say "I can't write," when in fact they can. They just need a little help.

     The purpose of content editing is to assist a writer in transforming a raw manuscript into a very readable document. Whether what is written becomes a book, an article for publication, or a position paper for business purposes, the editing process is important. Effective editing lies at the heart of good writing. Finding the right word or words is very important, ensuring that readers will be able to clearly understand the message. Being able to express oneself in a way that others understand and embrace the message is the underlying reason for writing in the first place.

     This is an offering to assist writers in doing this. Sentence structures may need to be rearranged. Redundant concepts need to be evaluated and duplicate material removed. Often, an initial manuscript will contain words which are obscure or specialized in nature. Content editing takes into account a target audience that an author is intent upon reaching. Technical terminology can be difficult for someone who is uninformed to understand. People often write with the underlying assumption that their reader has a profound level of knowledge about their subject. Thus, they omit important explanations or concepts which readers do not have. An editor can help to point out such oversights.

      Everything written should be edited, perhaps several times. Authors need to go over their own work repeatedly before submitting it to a professional editor. However, it is broadly understood in the literary community that editing one's self is a fool's errand. As an editor for content, my work is to help authors achieve the highest level of excellence. 

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