Most people understand the concept of Ghost Writing. The author who is identified with a particular literary work may not have actually written it. Someone other than the author actually crafted the manuscript. The author simply commissions a writer to compile, arrange, and create an actual book or literary piece which will be published. People also generally understand that the ghost writer is remunerated for his or her labor. What they don't generally understand is the amount of work which goes into the writing of a book for someone else. 

    Ghost Writing is a highly specialized profession. It is much more involved than simply placing words on paper in a readable sequence. The writer must be able to communicate both the insight and the style of the person being "ghosted." He or she should also be able to capture the voice of the author, that unique flavor which matches the author's speech and writing style. This is not an easy task. A tremendous amount of effort is required to "get into the head"of the person who is commissioning the work. This takes time, usually much more time than is initially considered by the author. For this reason, many authors who use a ghost writer's services prefer to use the some writer again and again. 

   The Ghost Writer must also have a profound set of writing skills in his own right. It makes no sense to commission a writer who cannot provide quality work. For that reason, an author and his or her writer must be able to work together in a way that allow the writer freedom to write without changing the intent, the purpose, or the desire of the author for the work. 

      Pricing for the development of a manuscript can vary widely. It is usually based on the amount of research, the time required to gain familiarity with the author, and the size of the work being created, and the expected audience the work is expected to reach. A writer whose work reaches the New York Times bestseller list obviously commands a larger fee than someone whose work is not widely known.

      For in depth information, or to receive a much broader explanation of what Ghost Writing can provide for you, please contact me. I will be delighted to talk with you about your project.

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