​    A coach is someone who helps an individual reach for their highest and most effective skill set. Through the process of mentoring and coaching, Dr. Philip Byler helps authors elevate their already developed insights and concepts. Mentoring and Coaching, unlike Writing Assistance, is an ongoing service, one that continues through the completion of a manuscript or a project.

  Throughout the development of a manuscript, Dr. Philip is a continuing influence, pressing the author to reach his or her highest potential. Furthermore, the Coach will provide mentoring and direction to help the author maximize their material, eliminate unnecessary information, and achieve the best result possible.

  Writing, once it becomes a part of someone's life, often becomes a passion, and the relationship between author and coach takes on a new dimension. The friendship often surpasses the professional level, creating a bond which lasts for a lifetime. As a writing mentor, Dr. Byler has one thing in mind. He wants to bring out the very best communication the author has to give.

  Exploring the usefulness of a writing coach begins with contacting one and allowing a conversation to begin. I would love to have that conversation to see if you actually need the services I offer, and if I am the right fit to help you achieve your maximum effectiveness as an author. 

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