Writing workshops are unique opportunities to experience training with a group of people who have a common interest. They love to write and in all likelihood you do as well. After all, you did access this site. Individual authors, like you, have been inspired to share something from their life experience, or some insight, opportunity, or skill, or even a fantasy that offers a great story to a much broader audience.

       I am able to conduct writing workshops in churches, schools, or retreats as a way to encourage writers and writing. With the increased availability of the written word through electronic reading tools like Nook and Kindle, reading has once again become a vital part of people's lives . The amazing thing is that in the process, the sales of hard copy books has also increased.
         It is also a great privilege for me to participate  in the very popular and effective event
a writer's intensive workshop offered by Wendy K. Walters. This event focuses on taking writer's "across the finish line," as their idea, story, or perspective is transformed from its embryonic concept to a published book. Information concerning these events can be found at

        To schedule  Dr. Byler for a workshop, contact me and we will plan an exciting event for your community, you church, or your school. When start the process, a workshop will quickly move beyond an good idea or dream, to become a reality that touches people and helps them advance their story from memories to masterpieces.

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