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Serving the King
by serving the King's servants.
Welcome ...

      I am greatly honored that you have take a few minutes to page through my website. For the past five decades, I have been committed to the ministry of making disciples. For most of those years, I served various local churches as pastor. Beyond that, I traveled in much of the world, helping to develop Christian leaders and doing pastoral and ministerial training.
     Several years ago, I began working as a writer, offering my services to other men and women of God to help them bring their insights and perspectives to written form. I also engaged in the work of publication, assisting those authors in the complex world of editing, developing, and publishing their work.
      In 2002, I established C.T.T.M. Ministries. It is a recognized non-profit ministry dedicated to the purpose God has given me. The letters are an acronym for coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring, the process I find most productive in developing Christian leaders and disciples. 
     Among the pages of this site, you will be introduced to myself and my wife, to C.T.T.M. Ministries, and to Philip Byler Writing Services. You will also be offered a brief look at the congregations we serve locally as we continue to minister in the joy and purposes of God. Please take a few minutes to check out those portions of the website that interest you.