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Making Prayer Pleasurable is a transparent look at becoming more effective in your personal prayer life. It offers insight into hearing God's voice and responding to Him in sincere, loving, and intimate communion.
Upgraded and Improved with Study Guide included.
The Contemporary Apostolic movement has its roots in the earliest expression of the Church. From the beginning, Christianity was led by men who were called apostles. Today, God is restoring the apostolic to the Church in a powerful way. This book offers a concise point of view that explains and defines apostolism today.
In this book, Dr. Byler provides a template of order and common practice to the rising apostolic movement. As apostolism gains traction, many viewpoints threaten to fracture something God is bringing forth. By having some common threads of protocol, various apostolic streams will be better equipped to collaborate and expand the Kingdom of God.
Make Room fir Your Miracle is Dr. Phil's first motivational title. You will discover that the most important ingredients necessary for moving ahead with your dream or vision lie within you. Learn how to put them to work.